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Tropical Tidbits
by Sue C Travel

6 Super All-Inclusive Stays in Montego Bay

AMResorts has been very busy offering more excellent stay and play all-inclusive options in Jamaica over the past few years. And now there is something for all ages, styles, budgets, and accommodation preferences. And they are ALL all-inclusive! I first stayed at their original Montego Bay Secrets St. James and Secrets Wild Orchid – side-by-side adult-only sister resorts on the same private beach a few years ago. And I absolutely adored them. But since then, they have added sister resorts nearby on the same great beach peninsula geared to be more budget-friendly, for all-inclusive family fun. Sunscape Cove is the higher end escape while Sunscape Splash features a huge waterpark, and they also share an excellent kid’s club program so that parents can enjoy some adult alone time by the sea. And now, there is yet another choice of adult-only all-inclusive by AMResorts called Breathless next door to the twin Secrets! This contemporary and trendy new brand is aimed squarely at millennials and the hip and young at heart. Everything is very modern, sexy, and high-tech, especially in your room where absolutely everything is controlled by a tablet. Daily foam parties in the pool with hot DJ’s and a cool concept they call “Silent Disco” add to the intrigue. Breathless also has access to all the additional dining and entertainment at neighbouring Secrets. But, if you’re seeking an even higher-level of adult-only all-inclusive, now there’s the new boutique luxury brand Zoëtry Montego Bay on its own beach, a few miles away. There the focus is on seriously personal pampering, elevated accommodations, and health and wellness offerings. There is dining on site, but guests can also sample all the dining options at the twin Secrets, though transportation is not included.

For all AMResorts in the Montego Bay region, visit:

Quebecers Flock to Club Med Turkoise
And Club Med Comes to Quebec!

I’d been to Providenciales in Turks and Caicos many times (locals call it “Provo”) and I was well aware that there were scads of expat Canadians living there, in fact, they even have a hockey league! And I knew it was very popular for sun-seeking canucks on holiday, too. I mean what’s not to love? The endless pristine miles of soft white sand and aqua surf that has Grace Bay Beach often cited as one of the best beaches in the world is quite simply, postcard perfect. But this past trip to Club Med Turkoise – also my very first visit to a Club Med brand resort- I noticed an interesting phenomenon: almost everyone spoke French! Quebecois French! I live in Montreal, so it was like being at home- if only we had a great beach and no snow! Apparently, many of the staff are from Quebec, and word of mouth must have spread that this place was the ideal gathering spot for French Canadians. Even the name “Turkoise” is pronounced with French savoire-faire flair there. Recently redesigned and totally refreshed, this was the very first resort on Provo, and it was their presence that actually led to the building of the airport. It’s also one of Club Med’s few adult-only resorts. I really enjoyed the friendly laid-back vibe and the colourful bungalow village accommodations are comfortable and cheery. The entertainment is also very well done- their “GO”s ( Gracious Organizers) are really on the ball, and the free trapeze lessons also get high marks from the guests.

And now it turns out that Club Med really likes Quebecers, too. In fact, they are slated to build a brand-new all-inclusive Club Med ski resort in Charlevoix to open in 2020- the first of its kind in Canada.

For more visit:

For more on Club Med Turkoise, visit: www.clubmed.ca/r/Turkoise

Best Restroom in America Award? 

Now you might wonder what is so “tropical” about this tidbit, but there IS an important sea, nature and marine life connection. Sanibel Island – a tropical hotspot in southern Florida is revered by ‘shellers’ for seashell collecting, but the island is also known for its vast nature preserves. The most famous is the 5,200-acre J.N. “Ding” Darling National Wildlife Refuge -home to hundreds of species of seabirds, and even endangered giant manatees. Which brings me to the award. The refuge’s “Learning Lavatories” are so unique that they garnered “America’s Best Restroom®” award in the nationwide 2018 contest. Excellence in cleanliness, visual appeal, innovation, functionality, and unique design elements were the requirements, but what really set these public washrooms apart is that they double as delightful interactive teaching facilities. Toni Westland, “Ding” Darling supervisory refuge ranger says, “I guarantee, there’s no other restrooms like these in the world that are so devoted to wildlife conservation and environmental awareness.” There’s lots to learn at every turn, and it’s such a creative way to enlighten folks on the importance of protecting our natural resources. And having a captive audience has its advantages, so they came up with this motto, “We turn a nature call into a nature enthrall!”.

Find out more at:
www.bestrestrooms18.com and

Easier Access Between the ABC’s 

Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao- a terrific trio of Dutch Caribbean islands all within a stone’s throw from each other – are delighted to welcome a new way to island-hop between them. As of January 2019, Bonaire-based EZAir will join the regional flight options with 6 to 7 roundtrips between Curacao and Bonaire per week, and one daily direct flight between Bonaire and Aruba. Since there are no ferries between the ABCs, additional airlift choices and fares beyond the current carriers are very welcome indeed.
Visit: www.flyezair.net

Anguilla’s Most Iconic Resort Reopens

I’m happy to report that the lovely little island of Anguilla has bounced back big time since it was hit with Hurricane Irma in 2016, but it would not be the same legendry luxury destination without their most gorgeous, splurge-worthy property, the 5-star “Cuisinart Golf Resort & Spa”. (Yes, owned by the same folks who brought us the blenders!) It had been closed since the storm, but now, has finally reopened with all kinds of fresh, new improvements. Though I can’t imagine it could be any better than it was, apparently, it is.
Visit: www.cuisinartresort.com

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