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An aquatic journey in Beautiful China

Published in the Winter  2013 Issue of Canadian World Traveller
By Eileen Cotter

China is not only a land of beautiful culture and friendly people, but it also boast some of the most stunning coastlines in the world. Especially along the border of Sanya in the south, there are incredibly picturesque beaches, sandy shores and crystal blue ocean that many enjoy year-round. This destination is not be overlooked as an exciting and exotic place to truly unwind for an amazing beach getaway. The island providence boasts miles of coastline, several smaller islands and gulfs full of interesting marine life ready to explore. Weather is favorable year round and allows locals and travelers alike to bask in the outdoor sun. Millions of people from China and overseas flock to Hainan for the shore that is comparable to Caribbean islands, Fiji and other iconic, tropical destinations.

This year, the country’s tourism board has ramped up their efforts to help attract potential visitors from all over the world to escape the daily grind on the beautiful beaches of China. It is officially known as the Year of Marine Tourism, highlighting the incredible biodiversity and vibrant color of the Hainan Province that no adventure lover or tourist curious about China should miss. The country has significantly boosted their efforts to attract people to its shores that present just as many vacation options as other popular and exotic locales.

Activities abound in Sanya and beyond

Travelers are welcome to partake in a wide variety of engaging activities and sightseeing relating to the ocean. People seeking a nautical adventure can join in with the boating community that own and rest yachts from countless marinas. The underwater allure is also strong, as scuba divers and snorkelers swim along in the crystal clear water in search for the area’s tropical fish, coral reefs, sea turtles and more. Anyone can take a class and learn how to dive or navigate their own boat when they come to Hainan to enjoy the water.

Specifically, head to the Bo’ao Beach for some prime spots to suntan and relax. Hot springs along this crescent-shaped coast are also worth a visit and are frequented by couples, families and solo travelers. Dadonghai Beach is close to the airport and flanked with boutique shopping opportunities and tasty restaurants. Look of dishes prepared with the famous hot sauce made with local Hainan yellow lantern chilis.

Where to stay along China’s southern coast

While in the area, guests can choose from five major ocean side resorts that all provide their clientele with top-notch service and amenities. Some can be found along the Yangtze river delta and Bohai Bay, or travelers can reserve their spacious guest room on Hainan Island. Each resort offers a unique experience depending on a particular visitor’s travel trends and preferences. Due to the popularity of China’s southern coast, there are new things to see and places to stay being created regularly, including the construction of a massive luxury cruise liner that will be available to guests in the near future.

Some of the favored luxury accommodations include the Ritz Carlton and Mandarin Oriental hotels, both located in the heart of Sanya. On the beach are places such as the Ocean Sonic and Serenity Coast resorts. The possibilities are seemingly endless and perfectly fit every style and budget.Fans of palm trees, sand and surf who hope to take a journey to China this year needn’t look any further than the city of Sanya and all the surrounding natural wonders of the Hainan Province. There is plenty of space and sunny skies for everyone to indulge on their next marine-themed getaway to beautiful China.