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Stay & Play in Austin Texas

Casa Cartel

 by Olivia Balsinger

 The slogan of Texas’ capital says it all: Keep Austin Weird. A city that hasn’t succumbed to overpowering metropolis vibes and keeps its quirky hometown culture alive, Austin should be on any intrepid traveler’s bucket list. And there is no better way to experience the authenticity and eccentric history of Austin than with a stay at Casa Cartel.

Casa Cartel is both the largest home in all of East Austin and the largest rental property in the downtown region. It sleeps 17 comfortably and offers a prime space for visitors to relax and unwind following a rigorous day of exploration.

This five-bedroom, five-bath luxury villa was built in 1976 by Abraham Kennedy and his wife, Maria–two cultural icons often considered the embodiment of the American dream and an Austin institution. The property has since been remodeled in 2018 by Jantzen Matzdorff, the designer best known from “Flip That House.”

Casa Cartel is curated with antiques and art sourced from Mexico, along with custom pieces fabricated on both sides of the border, making this home historic and unique. Months of searching for the best mural artist in the world led to Curiot Tlalpazotl, who created the moving 20-foot-tall mural that greets all who enter the property. This breathtaking artwork combines Mayan mythology with modern spiritual outlooks.

Guests at Casa Cartel are also treated to a heated pool, a roaring indoor fountain, a dark, candlelit speakeasy with a confessional booth, two wet bars, a 15-person theater room, and spacious outdoor areas with complete privacy. Guests can choose to be driven in a one-of-a-kind custom 1969 Cadillac convertible from the Austin Airport to this astonishing property.

Casa Cartel seamlessly weaves cosmopolitan convenience with ornate elegance to create an experience guests will treasure forever.