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Good to Go!

Great Travel Gear and Gadgets

Our travel specialists review the best travel gear and gadgets to get you on the go better.


The PLIQO Carry-On

If you need to take a suit or formal clothing on a trip and keep it wrinkle-free for arrival, the new PLIQO folding garment bag contains magnet hangers within to keep clothing in place while traveling. It can attach to your carry-on and is compact enough to pack in your suitcase, too.

Visit: www.pliqobag.com


Skineez Wearable Skincare®

This unique line of medical grade compression socks contains a patented infusion of ingredients that hydrate skin while increasing circulation through micro-massaging. They also make fingerless compression gloves that lessen arthritis symptoms. Skineez makes other items ideal for travel, too.

Visit: www.myskineez.com


2-in-1 Sunscreen & Bug Repellent

Superb for summer travel and tropical getaways, Greenerways Organic sunscreen and bug repellent does double duty from one tube in an all natural, chemical-free, skin-soothing, kid and pet safe, and reef-friendly way. What else do you need?

Visit: greenerways.com


MAXLITE® 5 20″ International
Carry-On Expandable Rollaboard

Very stylish, super lightweight, yet super sturdy, this expandable carry-on from TravelPro rolls like a dream even when packed to max due its unique two ball-bearing Rollaboard® wheels. And it’s so easy to steer thanks to a dual-position adjustable PowerScope Lite handle with a patented comfort Contour Grip

Visit: www.travelpro.ca


Shark Wandvac

Super light (just over 1lb.) and super strong with that patented Shark suction, this portable, cordless, easy-charge hand vacuum is like a magic cleaning wand for travel. Think road trips, car mess, cottage life, pet hair, and especially sand-ridden beach vacations!

Visit: www.sharkclean.com


Buttercloth® Men’s Shirts

As seen on Shark Tank, this line of breathable, comfortable and totally wrinkle-resistant men’s shirts are essentials for business and leisure travel. The patented material is so silky, soft, celebrity shark Robert Herjavec not only gave them a deal, but now has his own line.

Visit: www.buttercloth.com


Sporty, Fashionable, and Functional, Helly Hansen has it All

We asked three of our writers to review the latest Helly Hansen
outerwear and here are their reviews.

 Let spring begin!

For years now, I had been looking for the perfect hip length water-resistant jacket. Hallelujah! I found it, the Helly Hansen EVIE Jacket for women was perfect.

Being waterproof, I would test the EVIE jacket by going for a walk with our family dog in the pouring rain, purposely leaving the umbrella behind. With the full hood up, the EVIE jacket pulled it off by keeping me nice and dry. No water passed through to my clothes as I watched the water pellets roll off my jacket as I walked. It’s also incredibly windproof, which kept the humidity of the rain at bay.

The hood is perfect, it fits comfortably around the head protecting your hair and face from the elements and I found the hood stayed well in place without using the jacket strings. For those that need extra warmth, the bottom flaps can be tied down to keep the cold air out.

Another convenient feature is that you won’t need a scarf. The jacket’s strong zipper goes all the way up to the chin, adding that extra comfort we need when walking outdoors. This is a two layered jacket, and Helly Hansen added back ventilation, to accommodate for those warmer days. So go ahead, and brave the elements! I just love my new EVIE Jacket and highly recommend it to all my friends.

Love at first sight!

No hiding it, I am a big fan of Helly Hansen, and I am on my third Jacket now. The latest one – the men’s JPN Rain Jacket, is versatile and perfect for a host of many outdoor occasions. I bring these beauties on my worldwide adventures and really appreciate their functionality.

I could go out for social gatherings without being over or underdressed. On my last trip to Hill country in Texas, I would find it practical in many diverse ways. Daytime, it was used for kayaking and a walk through the woods, while at night it was perfect for a sit-down dinner with the local folks. It is both stylish and durable. Being made of synthetic material means it does not stretch or shrink. It can be washed with all my other clothes and tumble dried on low heat.

On top of it all, it is wind and rain proof and with a full hood, I can go into most elements without having to carry other outerwear. The JPN Rain Jacket has me covered on all fronts and I love it!

Splashes of color!

When I think of spring, I think of flowers blooming, warmer temperatures and sounds of birds singing and long walks. However, there is a very well-known expression that says, “April showers bring May flowers”.

Changing temperatures and rainy days do not discourage me from taking long walks with my two puppies Kenya and Maya anymore. Finding a weather resistant coat was essential and I found everything I needed to protect me from the rain with the women’s Helly Hansen Sling Moss Raincoat.

My favourite thing about this jacket is that they inspired their limited collection from Sling, an Oslo based spray painter and artist, by using clean lines and neon colours. Although this jacket has a minimalist style, it is super bright and colourful while being fully waterproof. In order to prevent excessive heating while wearing the coat, they integrated slats in the back to help with breathability.

It also has two external pockets useful to hold small essentials and a big hood to keep your hair dry. Although rain and wind has always been an obstacle during long walks, my new HH jacket has come to the rescue offering me both comfort, quality and great design. I highly recommend it.

Whether it is a night on the town, a business meeting, light actives or extreme sports, Helly Hansen has you covered.