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 Intrepid Travellers Treasure Turkey

Turkey is Intrepid Travel’s fastest-growing destination to date in 2018, boasting 239% growth in bookings this year compared to 2017. The world’s largest adventure travel company is celebrating Turkey’s travel boom with the launch of three new trips, from Northern Turkey to the Mediterranean coast.

Departing in 2019, travellers can visit Turkey—where two continents collide—in the winter season to open possibilities for enriching travel experiences that summer travelers won’t find; visit Turkey’s highlights on an eight-day adventure to Istanbul, Ephesus and Cappadocia; and explore the flavors of the country on a new three-day food adventure in Istanbul.

“By increasing operations in Turkey, we’re encouraging travellers to visit the beautiful country, year-round,” said Megan Bailey, Director of Sales and Customer Experience for Intrepid Travel in North America. “A record number of travellers are immersing in Turkey’s culture to foster better understanding of the destination they so often see on the news. These new trips are a celebration of our travellers’ genuine acceptance of the world we all share, and, more importantly, of a country finding hope through tourism.”

Tourism has been a beneficial wealth generator for the recovering country, prompting the government to take strides to improve its travel and tourism infrastructure. In October, travel to Turkey will be accessible to more than 200 million annual travellers, more than doubling its current capacity, as the first phase of Istanbul’s new airport opens. Once completed, the new 29.5 square-mile Istanbul airport will have six runways, making it the busiest airport in the world.

“With more flight and travel options available, it will be easier than ever for Canadians to fly directly to Turkey, opening the possibility for more culturally-rich experiences in the region,” said Bailey. “Intrepid Travel’s three brand-new 2019 tours will allow travellers to visit some of the world’s most historic locations, with a greater focus on local culture, cuisine and interaction with local communities.”

The new tours will include:

Turkey Highlights – 8 days

• Discover Kusadasi, situated on Turkey’s western Aegean coast, a great base to visit the 2,000-year-old Greco-Roman ruins of Ephesus and still enjoy the coastal beaches.

• In Kusadai, take a Garden Kitchen Cooking Class to learn about the local culture’s influence on dishes like kebab and baklava.

• Spend a free day in Turkey’s Mediterranean coast, snorkeling or swimming through crystal-clear waters or walk through the ancient streets lined with historical buildings.

Turkey Winter Discovery – 10 days

• Escape the crowds and discover Turkey in winter, a first for Intrepid Travel.

• Try local mulled wine, unlike any European mulled wine you’ve had, and taste delicious salep, a hot, milky drink made from the root of orchids.

• Take the Dogu Ekspresi and possibly see one of Turkey’s few snowfalls from the window.

Taste of Istanbul – 3 days

• For travellers short on time, get an introduction to Istanbul’s food, history and culture in just three days.

• Spend an evening discovering Europe and Asia by walking the backstreets of Karakoy and jumping on a ferry to Kadikoy on a tasting trail.

“We want to help change the way people see the world,” said Bailey. “We continue to stand for open borders, open minds and open hearts through travel, which is why we are always actively searching for ways to offer rare experiences in misunderstood destinations around the globe”

Intrepid Travel started operations in Turkey 15 years ago. Since its opening, Intrepid Travel has expanded to other areas in Turkey and doubled its itineraries in 2018 – now employing nearly 30 locals.


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