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Notes from Nanning!

Article and photography by Michael Morcos

Lush is the best word when describing the wonderful city of Nanning, China!

The area’s warm climate gives it a large amount of animals and more than 3,000 species of plants. The city has many gardens and woods, with Jaba flowers and Almond trees as the symbols of this green metropolis.

Its major attraction has to be Qing Xiu Shan Scenic Spot, an immense and beautiful city park with many activities including feeding the koi fish, discovering the rich and diverse gardens or viewing the impressive array of amazing sculptures throughout the grounds. The tourist tram is a convenient and great way to get around here.

The park boasts a “mountain”, but it is more of a large hill, and getting to the top is a wonderful hike which passes through orchid gardens, peach blossom islands and a temple. Once up top, the view is splendid as the modern skyscrapers blend into the greenery to create a wonderful picture of modern China.
The Guangxi Museum of Nationalities boasts an incredible collection of traditional tools, instruments and jewelry, including some pieces dating back some 2000 years!

Used in many local rituals, the Bronze drum has a very sacred place in the hearts of the local peoples, and the collection here is quite impressive. ‘Colourful Guangxi’ is a Cultural Exhibition that introduces the traditions of the twelve native nationalities in Guangxi. There is also the Guangxi Ethnic Silver Accessory Exhibition, with 200 specially chosen silver items from throughout the history of the region. Coupled with the `Weaving, Dyeing & Embroidering Exhibition`, a full spectrum of Nanning and surrounds can be experienced through these treasures!

After a day of exploration, you will enjoy Nanning`s `Night Markets`, in which a million different items, foodstuffs, drinks and find just about anything else you could imagine can be found and bought!

Visit: http://english.nanning.gov.cn/travel/