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Sailing the Caribbean & Mediterranean Sea With
Star Clippers

When owner and President Mikael Krafft founded Star Clippers in 1989, he fulfilled his lifelong dream of reviving the golden age of tall ships for new generations of travellers and adventurers to enjoy.

An avid sailor and boat owner, Krafft learned every aspect of sailing as a young child, and he turned his passion into a tall ship cruise line.

When guests embark on a Star Clippers journey, they immediately notice the beautiful masts and sails in place of the typical cruise ship silhouette. Star Clippers ships are classified SPV (sail powered vessel), which means that guests will experience the thrill of moving under the power of the wind as much as possible. The engines keep guests comfortable inside, but if the wind is in our favor it gently moves us from port to port. 

Star Clippers ships sail throughout the Caribbean and Mediterranean, two regions known as exceptional boating destinations. The itineraries are carefully crafted to showcase islands and ports that are ideal for sailing ships, away from the crowds and often untouched by large cruise ships. All three ships span the Med, from the gorgeous Balearic Islands to the azure waters of Greece and Turkey, with hidden coves and stunning scenery awaiting around every turn. 

Beyond the striking beauty of the sailing ships, what makes Star Clippers the ideal vacation for boaters, yacht club members and anyone who loves to feel the wind in their hair?

The size of the ships is intimate — much like sailing on a private yacht with friends and family. Carrying just 227 or 170 guests, there are no long lines, no crowds and no overwhelming feeling of “there’s too much to do.” Whether it’s lounging in the bowsprit net suspended above the ocean or dancing to a local steel drum band in the Tropical Bar, guests appreciate the pace and scale of a Star Clippers voyage.

A higher deck-space-per-guest ratio than most cruise lines, so guests can always find a lounge chair to soak up some sun, enjoy the ocean breeze or catch up on a good book. 

Casual and friendly, welcoming and warm. The hospitable staff is eager to ensure that each guest experiences a memorable vacation that is pampering, relaxing and fulfilling, without being intrusive. The officers are accessible to everyone on board, dining with guests each evening and interacting around the ship everyday. 

·It’s more than just the sails and rigging that let you know you’re on an authentic sailing ship. You can help raise the sails if you desire or climb the mast to the Crow’s Nest, and there’s more. The open bridge makes it possible for guests to get a true sense of sailing a tall ship, and the daily lectures on deck by the captains and cruise directors touch on all things sailing. And if you want to know what a monkey’s fist is, come to the knot tying class. 

It’s all about the outdoors on the tall ships. When sailing in tropical parts of the world, guests can take advantage of the complimentary watersports program and go snorkeling, sunfish sailing, waterskiing and windsurfing. For guests wanting to stay on dry land, Star Clippers also features an array of shore excursions, and the complimentary beach barbecue continues to be a guest favorite.
Star Clippers tends to attract like-minded adventurers. Guests appreciate sailing, and many own their own boat. That said, many of the guests have never been on a sailing ship before but desire new experiences and want a memorable vacation. 

Star Clippers’ exceptional repeat guest rate is one of the highest in the industry, meaning that once you take a Star Clippers sailing, you’re hooked. Guests keep coming back time after time for a Star Clippers tall ship adventure and seeing the world from new heights.