Scotland will celebrate

In 2017, Scotland will celebrate and showcase its rich history, heritage and archaeology. From the remains of its earliest settlements going back thousands of years, through the turbulent times of the Middle Ages and on to the Scottish Enlightenment and the Industrial Revolution, every area of Scotland has its own tale to share with visitors, and its own famous names. Below we’ve rounded up a collection of well-known Scots.

Visit Mary Queen of Scots’ favourite castle, Falkland Palace

Set in the heart of Falkland conservation village and surrounded by extensive gardens, this partly restored Renaissance palace – a favourite of Mary Queen of Scots – lets you experience a day in the life is Scotland’s Stewart monarchs. Amid the beautiful, tranquil grounds you’ll see the oldest Real or Royal tennis court in Britain, built for King James V.

Walk the homeland of Scotland’s most famous outlaw Rob Roy, Trossachs

Beautiful Balquidder Glen is the last resting place of Rob Roy MacGregor, Scotland’s most famous outlaw. A visit to his scenic Trossachs homelands will help you image the days when Rob Roy and his men roamed the area, cattle rustling and feuding with wealthy landowners.

Be inspired on The SS Sir Walter Scott

The SS Sir Walter Scott has been sailing the waters of Loch Katrine since 1900. Named after one of Britain’s most famous writers, you’ll take a step back in time as you steam along the loch admiring the stunning Trossachs scenery, enjoying narrated tales and legends. When you’re there, its easy to see why the views so inspired Scott to write his well-known poem The Lady of the Lake.

See the birthplace of Scotland’s national poet, Robert Burns

Take a trip to Robert Burns Birthplace Museum which incorporates the famous Burns cottage where the poet was born, the historic landmarks where he set his greatest poems, and a modern museum housing the world’s most important collection of his life and works.

Gaze at the stunning landscape from the National Wallace Monument

One of the most distinctive Stirling landmarks, the National Wallace Monument commemorates the life and legacy of Scotland’s national hero, Sir William Wallace, celebrated by the Oscar-winning movie Braveheart. Learn about his fight for Scotland’s freedom, see his famous broadsword and admire the stunning panoramic views from the crown.