10 Reasons to Experience the Leh-Ladakh trail as a Motorcycle road trip

It is a dream come true to finally be able to witness the immense beauty and splendour of Ladakh. This unimaginably picturesque and idyllic land has been captured in movies, travel stories on social media pages, and written about in almost every travel magazine out there. If there is something more breathtaking than this place, it can only be the journey to this abode of peace, especially if it is a road trip on a bike! A ride through this terrain is nothing like you have ever experienced or seen before. Here are just a handful of reasons why every true adventurer and traveler must embark on this unique expedition.

1. The Inexplicably Stunning Routes

The journey usually starts from the national capital of the country, Delhi, and crosses various states and cities before leading to the final destination. The voyage through long stretches of green fields, far away from the hustle and bustle, will leave you refreshed and reinvigorated for the ride ahead. Filled with abundant scenic views that make the trip worthwhile, there was not even one moment of boredom or disappointment, as every mile you cross competes with the last in impressiveness.

2. A Road Trip of a Lifetime

You might have taken some amazing road trips before, but this one is sure to beat nearly all of the others. This one makes it onto every wanderer’s bucket list and every biker’s wish list. Whether taking your beloved bike or renting one, this road trip is a part of every rover’s dream. The cool breeze, the endless roads, and the sightseeing through different states make this an unforgettable and incomparable trip on a bike. The best time to visit Ladakh is from April to June.

3. The Adventure and Exhilaration

Is there anything better than an adventure-filled trip that leads to an extraordinary climax for someone who loves bikes and has been bitten by the travel bug too? Well, for all those thrill-seekers, this road trip has been custom-made for you. You will cross a plethora of mind-blowing locales and tough corridors before landing into the serene land of your dreams.

4. Pleasing Plains to Captivating Valleys

The landscapes will keep changing from avenues with vast meadows to thick forests and from plains to mesmerising valleys. Throughout your journey, before reaching Leh and while passing through Ladakh, and on your journey back home, you will be left speechless by the ever changing backdrops.

5. The Ride Across the “Land of High Passes”

When you actually reach Ladakh and ride through the sights there, the journey takes an altogether different turn. The striking colours, beautiful monasteries and the enthralling panorama will leave you astounded. You will be under the spell of this place’s beauty long after the trip has ended.

6. To Collect Unrivalled Travel Tales

As you cross through one destination after another, you will gather experiences and stories to last you a lifetime. The amicable locals, the sumptuous food, the friends you make along the way, the challenges you overcome on the road trip and the enchanting sights will leave you with inexhaustible pictures and tales.

7. To Indulge in Some Soul-Searching

There is no better way to spend some time away from the clamour of the cities and reflect back on your life than a road trip to this tranquil place. It is ideal for a solo bike trip to give yourself that much needed break, away from the mad rush of life.

8. An Insight into the Local Essence

There is a certain amount of immediacy and familiarity a world traveller develops with a place when one travels towards or through it. You get to comprehend and appreciate the local culture, local cuisine and the kindness of the local people you meet along your way. This road trip is going to give you a unique perspective to the way of life in this land of cold desert.

9. Unexplored Territories

Biking in India means stopping by any place you find interesting and beguiling enough. You will have visited and experienced more places than just the regular tourist haunts.

10. One of the Most Exciting Getaways

To be able to navigate through the challenging routes, to survive the road journey on a bike, and to be able to immerse yourself in the milieus and culture of the place, makes this one of the most interesting and coveted road trips in the world.

Pack that rucksack, get your bike ready, and start your journey to Leh- Ladakh. It is an experience that shouldn’t be missed or delayed at any cost.

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