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Best Cultural Festivals in Asia Summer 2018

Looking for the best time to visit Asia? World Expeditions has selected three of the most colorful festivals that are sure to make your next trip an adventure of a lifetime. Travel to Tibet for the Saga Dawa festival, reach higher spheres during the Hemis festival in Ladakh or celebrate the biggest festival of the year in Mongolia, the Naadam Festival attended by locals and visitors alike.

Saga Dawa Festival | Tibet

Why? To pay homage to Mount Kailash

The sacred mountain has long been regarded by Hindus and Buddhists as the Mythical Mount Meru, the cosmic centre of the universe from which all life flows. Thousands of pilgrims will gather and pay homage to the mountain by performing a kora, or clockwise circumambulation around the base of the mountain. People from all over flock to Tibet to attend the festival and attach their small prayer flags to the new pole. It is believed that good deeds and prayers are multiplied thousand-fold during the event.

Want to join? Take the ‘Journey to Mount Kailash’ departing Kathmandu on
May 17, 2018

Hemis Festival | India

What? Birth of Guru Rinpoche (or Lord Padmasambhava)

Celebrated at the Hemis Monastery, located in a gorge in the north-Indian province of Ladakh, the festival is famous for the masked dances that represent the good prevailing over evil which is performed by gompas that follow tantric traditions. The festival is said to originate in the 8th Century with activities including the offering of food, playing of traditional music (think cymbals, trumpets and drums), and numerous spiritual ceremonial performances. Joining the festival is believed to give spiritual strength and good health.

Want to join? Experience the ‘Hidden Valleys of Ladakh’ departing Delhi on
June 20, 2018 centered around the festival.

Naadam Festival | Mongolia

What? Three Games of Men Festival

Locally known as “The Three Games of Men”, Mongolia’s Naadam Festival is an ancient cultural spectacle that combines colorful costumes and performances with an exciting tournament of three traditional sports: archery, wrestling and bareback horse riding. The festival is held throughout the country in midsummer, from July 11-15. In capital Ulaanbaatar visitors are presented with an incredible opportunity to experience the culture and people of this amazing land.

Want to join? There are several opportunities to visit Mongolia for the Naadam Festival including the epic ‘Trans-Siberian Adventure’ departing Beijing on July 7, 2018.

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