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Treats in New York! 

by David J. Cox

Entering New York City is always a pleasure, whether for the first time or the 50th, the skyline, sounds and scents overwhelm the senses!

Food, Food, Food!

There are thousands of restaurants of all sizes, flavours, tastes and cultures, and our visit offered samplings from eight of the city’s tastiest and trendiest best!

Our first taste of New York? Well, it made me want to move to New York just to be able to visit these two next flavourful fiesta favorites!

Viva Mexico at MEXICUE

Mexicue started as the brainchild of David Schillace and Thomas Kelly, who took two of America’s favorite comfort foods, Mexican & BBQ, and blended them into a Food Truck mega-success.

Fast forward a couple of years, and we are all enjoying amazing guacamole, I eat the best black-bean burrito I have ever had, my wife enjoys blackened fish tacos, and the house Poblano Mac’nCheese is deemed delicious by both kids. I also get to taste some of the over 50 varieties of Tequila available all in the comfort of their beautiful 5th avenue restaurant! The `mouthwatering union` of the blended flavors leave an impression, and the Chef came to meet with us to be sure everything was tasty.


Deep in the heart of Times Square lies Dos Caminos, another fantastic restaurant that exceeded all my expectations. We were greeted by the manager and led downstairs, past the impressive and cozy tequila bar into the wonderful, villa-inspired restaurant where the full house was being served plates filled with colors and scents that got my stomach growling. We started with a big tub of Butternut, pomegranate and chipotle guacamole, accompanied by an ever-full basket of nachos and 3 salsas. Offering tacos of all sorts, house specialties and Street food, the choices were endless. We settled on Chorizo Fundito with Mexican cheeses, dark beer, spicy chorizo and warm corn tortillas; Dos Enchiladas, a house specialty with roasted chicken, queso menonita, mole poblano & tres chiles sauce, as well as some classic Asada Tacos with steak, caramelized onions, queso cotija and guacamole. I cannot recommend it enough for family or a date night!


OH YEAH! Some old-fashioned, super-sloppy, mouth-watering burgers at the Rockefeller Centre Bills Bar & Burger joint! Here you can order the burger of your dreams from the classic Bill’s Burger, with “LPT” (lettuce, pickle, tomato) cheese and the house special sauce, to the Kimchi Bomb Burger with its crispy shallots, spicy Kimchi relish, shredded cabbage and chile aioli; 2 of a dozen or more menu burgers, or better yet, build your own with over 20 custom ingredients! One kid decided on a bacon cheeseburger and the other devoured a Swiss cheese, mushroom and bacon monster!

We added some bowls of their delicious roasted tomato soup and butternut squash soups as appetizers. You must be sure to try their milkshakes, they are perfect – my favourite was the Chocolate Mint!

John’s Pizzeria Times Square

Another place that offered distinct American flavor was John’s Pizzeria Times Square. This vast, bustling eatery is noisy and filled with people enjoying the amazing array of toppings on the perfectly baked pizzas!

Gaze at the huge map of New York as you are offered starters, including two of my favourites – John`s Garlic Rolls and their delicious Bruschetta! But the highlight is `building your own pizza` where you can choose from over 30 ingredients, from staples like pepperoni, to gourmet items like Broccoli rabbe. Your masterpiece is then placed in their coal-fired brick ovens. We shared two pizzas, the vegetarian and a pie chosen by my son. His list of ingredients was impressive, and the pizza master obliged with a flavourful, colorful pie. With choices for all tastes, including a bacon and vodka-sauced pie, it is easy to see why this great pizzeria has been voted as one of New York’s best pizzas!


Now I am what one would call a Cereal Connoisseur…and in New York, I found paradise. Kellogg’s has opened a unique little boutique restaurant right in the heart of Times Square. This bright and airy café offers a unique build-your-own-breakfast option from a selection of Kellogg’s products. Offered a whiteboard pen and a product sheet, visitors check off a premade combo, like the Corny Blues (my son chose this) with Corn Pops, blueberry jam, lemon zest and a pinch of salt, or my daughter’s pick, S’mores – containing Frosted Flakes, dark chocolate chips, mini marshmellows and graham crackers. If you want a la carte, you can mix any combination of 5 ingredients (or unlimited choices for an extra couple of bucks), including cereals (18 available) and extras that include fruits, nuts, sauces, marshmallows, green tea powder and over 30 other goodies!

To add some spice, the café also offers their creations as Milkshakes, Sundaes and Parfaits!

This was the best family experience…well, there was also the doughnuts…

The Doughnut Plant

As George Takei would say, “oh Myyyyy!”
With a modern décor and a hipster ambiance, I was not sure how the kids would be welcomed, but the staff was incredible to them, answering questions and letting them taste test a collection of the most colorful and deliriously delicious doughnuts I have ever tasted! I am not usually one for doughnuts, but they served me one that was gluten-free and banana glazed and it melted in my mouth…mercy!
A must visit when in NYC!!

Mooncake restaurant

Modest décor, magnificent meals!

We arrived at this little hotspot at lunchtime and were hustled in, sitting at our chair and drinking in the ambiance and odors. The great menu has many delicious, unique options like asian heros and a delicious seared tuna salad.

It’s also really economical, and the service is swift, no-frills, and very friendly. The kids really enjoyed a miso-glazed salmon platter, with delicious sauce on the brown rice. The best part was the crispy portion of the fish. A scrumptious Shanghai home-style spare rib dish were absolutely mouth watering, as were the crawfish dumplings – some of the best I have ever eaten!

So many restaurants so little time!! 

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